Stackster - Retro Brick Breaker Game for iOS
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NOW WITH OVER 100 levels to play!!!!

Remember the good ole days of video gaming? Classic Brick Breaking is back and better than ever. With 100 levels of classic arcade action, a rocking soundtrack, cool laser effects and a huge selection of power ups to keep you smashing your way from level to level.

Relive the classic game play of yesteryear with graphics and sounds of today on the go.

How to Play:
Simply move your finger left and right to move your paddle. Bounce the ball off your paddle to break as many bricks and grab as many power-up's as possible!
Stackster features:
- Stylized retro graphics
- Cool special effects
- 3D tracking on screen - move the device slightly in your hand to change playing angle.
- Awesome sound track
- 100 levels of game play with several FREE expansion packs planed in the near future to keep you coming back for more!
- Auto Save feature, saves your progress automatically every time you finish a level. no need to navigate thru annoying menus to save.