Burple Fish - The falling burping fish action game!
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Guide your Burple Fish to safe waters by bouncing them off objects as they fall 3000 feet to the water below. However, Burple Fish are particularly gassy and need to be burped contently or they kinda explode. How many Burples can you save?

How to Play: Rock your Device left and right to move your Burple Fish while avoiding Spike Balls. Bounce your Burple Fish off as many Balloons and Snails as possible to releave your fish of built up gas!

-Easy game to pick up and play
-Perfect for the casual gamer
-Post your Score and Burples Saved to Facebook
-Great Surfer Sound Track
-30 + levels to play
-All Hand Drawn and Water Colored Art Work
-Funny Burping Sounds to keep the kids laughing