Blazing Arc - Magical Shooting Game
Anime shmup bullet hell shooting action game.
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Blazing Arc - Chapters 1- 3 The journey Begins. Help the young witch "Blaze" on an exciting adventure in this intense shooting game with the help of Arc, a spirit trapped in a magic lantern who was sent to help Blaze find her mother, who happens to live hundreds of years in the past. You must blast your way through this intense arcade style shootem-up game and travel back in time to learn your fate.

- Intense Arcade shooting action
- Great story line that unfolds as the player progresses
- Fully Digitally Hand Painted Backgrounds
- Breath taking hand painted animated characters
- Amazing soundtrack
- The first 3 of 6 chapters to this story!
- Many exciting chapters and bonus's await in future updates!

Good luck finishing the first 3, you'll need a lot of skill to finish this intense shooter! : [link]
Where Blazing Arc really shows off its value is how it blesses your pupils with artistic awesomeness. Each level is presented in an oil painting style. Stages are varied and unique, while the backgrounds are masterful works of art.”